A need for this blog

I’ve been inundated lately with students that have wanted to shadow me clinically in the emergency department, join me in academic projects, receive advice about global health interests, and get involved in health advocacy activities.

I welcome this interest with enthusiasm. I love working with students, and, as I explain here, I am humbled by the potential of everyone I work with.

Having said that, only about 50% of the students that I initially communicate with actually get involved, and then only about half of those (or less) finish a project to the end. I expect those numbers: students are very busy, and want to explore different opportunities for involvement.

I just want to make the process more efficient. I hope this blog does that by providing background information about me, my interests, and my work. Then we can match our interests.

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  1. Jesse Cobell said,

    Hey Dr. Swanson,
    My name is Jesse Cobell. I am an ungraduate at BYU and was there for your presentation for our Preview to Medicine class. I really enjoyed your presentation. This is exactly why I want to go into medicine. I’ve read a lot of the stuff on the site (not everything) and I would really like to get involved. I served my mission in Brasil and recently went on a humanitarian aid trip to Haiti with my stepfather (who is a doctor) and both of which were very eye-opening experiences for me. I haven’t finished Mountains Beyond Mountains, but it also has made a big impact on my perspective. I have a big desire to make an impact on global healthcare, but I honestly feel like I don’t know where to start. I wanted to talk to you after the presentation, but there were a lot of people who seemed to already be asking the same questions. I know you are extremely busy. Do you have any jogging-club meetings planned in the near future??
    -Jesse : )

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