Shadowing in the Emergency Department

I am an emergency physician at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and often have students ask if they can shadow me. I am glad to. Invariably, those shadowing experiences lead to a request for a letter of recommendation. Writing those letters can either be a tedious burden for me, or a delight, depending on how well I know the student, and how impressed I have been with him or her.

As such, I will only be allowing students to shadow me if we share a common goal or vision for the future. Here’s my bias: I think that there are plenty of students that want to be physicians and other health professionals, for a variety of reasons (help others, make lots of money, prestige, enjoy science, etc). But there aren’t nearly enough health professionals that are passionate about transforming health systems. So, I’m not making much of a positive difference if I spend time mentoring students that want to keep the status quo. I’m interested in working with others that agree with me on a need, and we’re working together to make a difference. That might be in research, advocacy, projects, or other involvement. See the “how to get involved” page if you’re interested, and then contact me when you think that there is some idea or project that we can both rally behind.

Specifically, I will only mentor students by allowing them to shadow me in the emergency department if I’ve known him or her for at least a year, and if we’ve collaborated on some systems thinking and health project (paper, activity,  proposal, etc).  If you meet those criteria, please contact me, and I’m happy to have you shadow as much as you’d like.

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