Suggested Reading: Systems Thinking and Health

Consider at least glancing over some of the following before contacting me about collaboration opportunities (especially if you are a student):

-This paper gives an overview of the transformational potential of systems thinking tools and approaches to health.

This 5 minute Peter Senge video gives an introduction to “systems thinking.”  While it is from a business perspective, the ideas are relevant to health.

Global Health

-The following audio lectures (about 1.5 hours total; I think that they are outstanding) from Henry Mosley approach global health from a systems thinking perspective:

-Here is a series on Systems Thinking in Health Policy and Practice.

-Finally, this document (about 100 pages) approaches health systems strengthening from a systems thinking perspective; published by the WHO’s Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research: Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening.

-And this video gives a  6 minute introduction to systems thinking in global health.

Public Health

-Here is a very brief (one page) introduction to systems thinking, and its application to health promotion.

-Systems Thinking to Improve the Public’s Health

-This 320 page monograph is the most comprehensive application of systems thinking concepts and methods to public health; in this case, smoking cessation.

US Healthcare Reform

-A recent JAMA article on healthcare reform, and the need to approach it from a complex, adaptive systems perspective.

-And this is a brief (10 pages or so) introduction to systems thinking from a US healthcare reform perspective, an appendix to the IOM’s document “Crossing the Quality Chasm.”

-Health Care as a Complex, Adaptive System.

-Here is a TED video presentation by Harvard surgeon Atul Gawande, highlighting the need for increased systems thinking in clinical medicine.

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