Practical Advice

-I am most interested in working with students and others that are passionate about making an impact in global health long-term, and/or applying systems thinking principles to health related activities.

-This will be your project: need to work independently. Not a “typical” research project.

-I will encourage you to take risks: write a draft of a paper, contact people, etc.

-I strongly encourage very frequent communication. Don’t hesitate to email (I check and respond frequently) or even call me. I DON’T WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME!

-In my opinion, this is a tremendous opportunity for you (and me!). You could really make an impact, and give yourself background knowledge for future involvement in global health and/or systems thinking.

-Having said that, it will likely be frustrating and tedious: Mountains beyond Mountains.

-I will repeatedly ask you “What do you want to accomplish?” (long term!). I will be looking for a shared vision: Is there common ground between what I want to accomplish? If so, I think that we can make great team.

-Please don’t waste my time or yours. If you are not interested in “big picture”, or don’t like conceptual writing, or not interested in working independently, or easily give up on projects when things get tough, please stop now. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!

-There may be lots of reasons that you want to do this. If your primary reason is to make an impact long-term, this will likely be a very worthwhile experience for both of us. If not, it will likely be very frustrating.

-I will go out of my way to support you on this: email, meetings, phone calls, contacts, conferences, international trips, etc. I WANT YOU TO TAKE INITIATIVE AND ASK QUESTIONS, DO INDEPENDENT RESEARCH, AND BUG ME! The more you put into this, the more I will.

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