Resources: Health Learning Network

Systems Thinking and Health Learning
-25+ page (and counting; updated monthly from SHAPES cluster listserve) list of dozens of systems thinking and health articles:
Swanson Resources
-Handout from a panel held at BYU in October 2012 on “How Can We Contribute to Positive Transformational Change in Health?”:

-Considerations for Analyzing and Transforming a Health System:

Systems Thinking and Health Organizations
Transforming Health Education

Health Professionals for a New Century:

Beyond Flexnor:

US Healthcare Reform
-IHI:  Resources for health and healthcare improvement:  Worth glancing over:  open school, PDSA cycle, podcast.
-Kaiser:  Health Policy:  Probably first place to go for health reform information.

-Commonwealth Fund:  short, bimonthly podcast that provides a good introduction to major healthcare reform issues.

-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:  Building a Culture of Health by Working Together:

-Health Affairs:  in-depth, academic health reform

Evolution of Us Healthcare System (esp slide 5): Health Long-Term:

Future of Public Health:

Future of Nursing:

Choosing Wisely:  Campaign to advance a national dialogue on avoiding wasteful or unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures:

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