February 3, 2016

Meeting Notes- 2/3/16

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  • Submit your proposal soon.
  • Long term plan:
    • Podcast is the way to go (attractive to market, versatile)
    • brand it- cutting edge of healthcare (not mere CST discussion)
    • must be entertaining
    • We need a community of 30-40 students with basic knowledge (public health, policy, and CST) who will write, connect with pros for interviews, must include faculty members.
  • community vs network -people who know each other, already have strong foundation.
  • Plant communities, see what emerges at uvu, BYU- west, crookston, barnes, UoU.

Short term game plan:

  • this semester: one page summary- “start with the why”, who we are and what we’re about.
    • 5-10 points- challenge status quo, connect, ask tough questions (what are the tough questions? -midlevels, prevention vs curative, medical curriculum), foster emergence.
  • Summer- take those ideas and put them into website…
  • fall- plant the ideas at each university and see what emerges.

Long term goal- REALLY HIGH QUALITY PODCAST in 3 or so years.

Ideas: “health systems studies” would need a champion on campus.

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