January 21, 2016

Meeting Notes 1/21/2016

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  • Keep going back to the simple rules!
  • “How passionate are you about staying on board for a long-term learning journey?”
  • How can we improve communication?
  • Provide a list of things that students can do– on blog.
  • How to bring people out?
      • brand ST, sell it to students!
  • Culture “this is the place to be if you’re going into health”.
  • What’s the goal of infiltrating curriculum?
  • Read the “tipping point”- malcolm gladwell.
  • What are we going for?
    • shift in mindset.
    • ST on its own doesn’t improve health.
    • optimize interactions.
    • applying ST must achieve what we really want- improved population health.
    • We need a strong community- lots of people with lots of knowledge.
  • Mission: ?
  • Vision: ?
  • Action points:
    • Tom- MPH, white papers.
    • Morgan- AAFP-email, case studies, read through Jessica’s article;
    • Chad- available for questions and comments, ER paper, guidance;
    • Matt- snowshoes, BYU EMS, blog, brand CST, sophie, johnny;
    • Jessica- case studies, read on the edge of chaos, look at other societies,  
    • Dallon- study, read a lot!


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